Traditional Chinese Rooftop

We’re not your typical software development house.

We’re located in one of the most impoverished places in the world. We live in a place where we aren’t completely fluent in the local language (yet), nor are we native speakers of the culture (probably never). And despite our expertise in weird technological voodoo and our embrace of geekery, our first love defies the stereotypical computer geek: we love people.

We love to sit down and talk about goals, hopes, and dreams. We love to support, encourage, help, and counsel. And, the weird part of it all is that we want to do that through software development. Maybe we could be even further out of the box if we played harmonicas and spoke Klingon while coding (a challenge indeed!), but we’re pretty far from the box as it is.

That’s not to say that we’ve already arrived – we’re still a work in progress; we’re still journeying, we’re still in development. We look forward to getting there with you.